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As mentioned earlier, Newtown was born in 1933. It has grown in that time from strength to strength to be the hockey club that it is today.

Many names have become synonymous with the club in that time. The Jagos, Achilles, Dunsdons, Garskes – perhaps you even know one of them.

The Newtown Old Timers has become an integral branch of Newtown Hockey Club. This was established in the 1990s as a social and support network for players past and present who are 35 years and older. It proved its worth only when a former member was affected by the 2011 floods and people travelled from far and wide to help out.

What better way to tell you about us than have one of our players do it. James Lush was one of our Under 11 boys in Newtown's 75th year and wrote this for our anniversary book. James has gone on to not only play A Grade as he hoped, but also become a Queensland junior representative.

"Being in a club like Newtown means having something to do on Saturday morning and having a good time with mates. I started to play hockey at the age of four. It was fun running around with a stick trying to get the ball off people. I think it’s great to be able to play sport at the age of four and to learn the basics at such a young age. I liked mods better because there was a bigger field and you ran a lot more. I always would get the ball and run up the field and pass it to my sister and of course she would score. I liked it when we joined two teams together and made the field bigger. I filled in for the under 11’s a lot while I as still a mod. I even played in the grand finale with them and we won. I moved up to under 11’s a year early because apparently I was too good for the Mods. I played 1 year of under 11’s where I didn’t really get involved but I still made the Toowoomba 2 team. My coach then was Mr Kruger.  In my second year of under 11’s I was one of the better players. I played centre half and scored a couple of goals. I played goalie as well then made Darling Downs as the goalie. My brother joined me in the team that year. This year my coach is Mr Prasser (Tony). We have a good team this year and we are well placed on the ladder. Under 11’s is great to help you learn all the rules, positions, skill’s and field play’s. It is fun to play against friends from representative teams. It is a good challenge to play teams that are further up the ladder than your own team. I made the Darling Downs team again but this time I am a field player. I really enjoy playing hockey. I hope I can play for many years to come and one day maybe even make the A1 men’s team." 

James Lush


Newtown Under 11 Boys

Newtown A1 Men's Player James Lush in action

Newtown A1 Men Premiers 1939

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