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Welcome to Newtown Hockey Club. We are Toowoomba’s second oldest hockey club, having turned 80 years old in 2013. Yes we were up and running in 1933 – a long, long time ago – and have proudly been the blue & white Tigers since that time!

We pride ourselves on our club loyalty with one member having played for 50 years straight from juniors all the way through to veterans. Even now we have a number of members who have been involved for well over 30 years who have made life long friendships along the way. We also have families who have been involved through the generations since our very first year – an amazing effort.

We offer hockey opportunities from our very smallest members known as Minkeys (mini hockey players from 5 years and up) all the way through to the Veterans level and every grade in between.

Hockey is a well known Olympic sport with a number of Toowoomba and Newtown representatives representing at state and national level. International games are often played in Toowoomba with Australia having played The Netherlands and England locally in recent years.

So why Hockey? Well for starters the entire family can play. We have grades that cater for the children and their parents at all levels of expertise. We offer a one stop venue. All games are played at Clyde Park in Boundary Street. No travelling here, there and everywhere to play each week – just one venue. Sounds perfect doesn’t it!

And why Newtown? Well why not? After 80 years, we like to think we know what we’re doing. We look to provide the best coaches possible, having put 12 people through Level 1 coaching clinics in 2013 and a further 5 in 2017. The team environment created within our club is one that we hope will stay with you for the rest of your life as it has done for so many already. And at the risk of boasting, we manged to win 8 premierships in 2015 with a lot of good managment and a little luck - 2 junior and 6 senior premierships - and backed that up with a further 7 grand final appearances in 2016 and 3 permierships. We look forward to keeping the ball rolling in 2017!

Newtown is also proud to announce it sponsors it's very own Tiger Tarquin through the World Wildlife Foundation. We took this important task on in 2013 for the first time as part of our 80th Anniversary celebrations and trust the sponsorship will continue for many years to come.

Date Claimer - 25th February 2017 - Minkey & Modifieds commence

                         2-5 March 2017 - Junior & Senior Fixtures commence

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A1 Women - 2016 Premiers

A1 Men - 2016 Premiers

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