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Newtown Hockey Club is very fortunate to have so many wonderful sponsors. Without our sponsors, we would not have the playing uniforms our teams play in today. It is a mammoth job kitting out as many as 25 teams and we are very grateful to our sponsors for their assistance.

We are also very fortunate to have Cold Rock Ice Cream as one our sponsors. Cold Rock provide vouchers each week for the junior player of each team. With their being some 9 junior teams, that is a wonderful commitment on a week to week basis.

Hutchinson Builders were the most recent sponsor to join our ranks in sponsoring all of our club coaches with their own individul polo shirts.

Tuff Bullbars

Phone: (07) 4615 0000

Website: http://www.tuffbullbars.com.au

Cold Rock

Phone: (07) 4613 4666

Website: http://www.coldrock.com.au

The Southern Hotel

Phone: (07) 4635 3311

Website: http://www.southernhotel.net

Hutchinson Builders

Phone: 07 4632 8577

Website: www.hutchinsonbuilders.com.au

Garden City Powdercoating

Phone: (07) 4634 8925

Website: http://www.gardencitypowdercoating.com.au

Clifford Street Auto

Phone: (07) 4632 8621

Is Flowers

Phone: (07) 4632 2322

Website: http://www.isflowerstoowoomba.com.au

United Lending & Finance

Phone: (07) 4637 9286

Signs n' Lines

Phone: (07) 4633 1900

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