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Registration Forms

Registration is via the Hockey Queensland website, whether renewing or becoming a new member. An upfront fee is required to be paid to Hockey Queenland upon registration. Toowoomba Hockey also requires paper registration forms signed which are available on this website.







Newtown then has our own separate fees, the bulk of which goes straight to Toowoomba Hockey. Our preferred payment option is via internet banking, though payments can also be made by cash or through the Hockey Qld registration website.



If you are new to the club or thinking of joining, then please call Chris Weedon on 0408 980861.

Our Mission Statement

To provide an environment which encourages players, administrators and spectators to actively participate in and enjoy the sport of hockey.

Newtown Hockey Club Policy

Interaction with Volunteers within the Club (including Coaches, Managers & Team Officials)

As a member, parent/guardian or associate of Newtown Hockey Club, I agree to abide by the following policy guidelines:

  • I will acknowledge and extend all courtesies to volunteers who are giving up their valuable time to enable myself or my child/dependants to play the game of hockey
  • As a player, parent/guardian or associate, I will avoid displaying (through action or verbal abuse) my dissension, displeasure or disapproval towards volunteers – this contravenes the THA Code of Conduct available from THA website)
  • I will only directly approach the coaching staff for constructive feedback specific to myself or my child/dependant -  the coach will not discuss other players within the team 
  • If the coach feels that feedback is not being received constructively, they can end the conversation immediately and it will resume in the presence of a committee member, such as the president or coaching director
  • If a person wishes to make a formal complaint with regards to a club volunteer or a team’s coaching staff, this must be done through a member of the Newtown Hockey Committee & the complaint will be passed onto the volunteer/coach & mediation scheduled

Club volunteers, including coaches, managers and team officials agree to abide by the THA Code of Behaviour as reproduced below.

THA Coaches, Managers and Team Officials Code of Behaviour

As a coach, manager or team official you must meet the following requirements with regard to your conduct:

  1. Treat all players with respect at all times. 
  2. Behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all times to other coaches, officials, players and spectators.
  3. Place the safety and welfare of the players above all else. 
  4. Avoid situations that may lead to a conflict of interest. 
  5. Be courteous, respectful and open to discussion and interaction. 
  6. Make no detrimental statements in public in respect of the performance of any match officials or umpires. 
  7. Promote a climate of mutual support amongst the players. Encourage players to respect one another and their worth within the team. 
  8. Encourage and facilitate players’ independence and responsibility for their own behaviour, performance, decisions and actions. 
  9. Determine, in consultation with the player, what information is confidential and respect that confidentiality. 
  10. Avoid situations with your players that could be construed as compromising. 
  11. Provide a safe environment for training and competition. 
  12. Recognise individual differences in players and cater to these as best you can. 
  13. Make a commitment to providing a quality service to your players. 
  14. Refrain from using obscene, offensive or insulting language and/or making obscene gestures which may insult players, officials or spectators. 
  15. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.


Please don’t forget that it takes a lot of people, all volunteers, to make our club function efficiently.  Special thanks must go toall those who have already taken up a club executive position and all those that assist with fundraising, functions, coaching and managing.  All of these people do their best for Newtown and give their time to keep the club successful.  Without the people in the club, we don’t have a club!  If you are a Newtown member and don’t currently assist with fundraising, functions, coaching or managing and aren’t sure how to offer your assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact anyone listed in our club contacts list.  You can be assured that your help is greatly needed and always appreciated.  If we can get every club member to contribute in some way during 2014, then we will make lighter work for the people who have already committed to the club.


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