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Home of the Tiger - Celebrating 90 Years

Welcome to Newtown Hockey Club. We are Toowoomba’s second oldest hockey club, having turned 90 years old in 2023.

Yes we were up and running in 1933 – a long, long time ago – and have proudly been the blue & white Tigers since that time!

Choosing Hockey as a sport

WHOLE OF FAMILY, the entire family can play. Mum, Dad, the Kids and Grandparents. All ages and skill levels are accommodated within various grades and levels of expertise.

ONE STOP VENUE. All games and training are played at Clyde Park in Boundary Street Glenvale. No extra travelling expenses – just one venue! Games are generally played same time, same day so you can plan your week.

SAFETY: With any field sport it is not without some risk. However, statistically Hockey is comparable to dancing in terms of serious injury, Twice as safe as Netball, 3 times as Soccer and 10 times than football codes. Putting little kids with sticks and balls together is not a recipe for injury. Strict coaching and nurturing protects them well. Toowoomba Hockey maintain a strong fair play code of conduct that is strictly adhered to.


Tiger Pride

We pride ourselves on our club loyalty with one member having played for 50 years straight from juniors all the way through to veterans.

Even now we have a number of members who have been involved for well over 30 years who have made life long friendships along the way. We also have families who have been involved through the generations since our very first year – an amazing effort.

Newtown hockey players are regular participants in regional, state and national representative teams in both Junior and Senior competitions.


Choosing Newtown

With 90 years on the pitch, the generational experience is invaluable.

We look to provide the best coaches and team managers possible who continue to attend regular coaching clinics and skills development.

Newtown has a strong committed volunteer base that promote and nurture the love of the sport and its longevity.

The team environment created within our club is one that we hope will stay with you for the rest of your life as it has done for so many already.

Newtown consistently feature in premiership finals, Tallying an impressive trophy cabinet.

We look forward to keeping the ball rolling and in the net for 2024.


Date Claimer 2024

9th Feb - Club Glenvale Challenge fixtures commence.

7th March - Junior & Senior Fixtures commence.

13th April - Minkey & Modifieds commence.


Club training is on every Tuesday, commencing February 13th, Field 2

Juniors from 5-6pm, Seniors A3-A4 at 6-7pm and A1-A2 from 7pm onwards

Minkey/Mods training commences 19th March 4-5pm Games start 13 April

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